Benefits of Installing a Sod Lawn

When choosing between installing pallets of sod and planting your own grass seed, weighing the pros and cons of each remains important. While many homeowners are familiar with planting grass seed to rejuvenate their lawn — a beautiful and maintained lawn can also be achieved from properly installed sod.

Sod lawns come as rolled up pallets of grass which a professional landscaper lays out onto your yard. Picking between sod and seeds of grass can be a hard decision, often personalized to each situation. However, knowing the facts about sod can help you make an informed decision.

Sod lawns provide many benefits, including:

  • Immediate Results: Sod turns bare lawn into fully grown green grass immediately. Unlike planting grass seeds, sod makes your lawn look lush and full as soon as you install it. You also get a head start on using your grass for outdoor activities.
  • Cost Effective: Initially, sod costs more. However, growing grass from seed produces extra costs over time including weed control, extra fertilization and overseeding. As a result, sod remains more cost effective long term.
  • Weed Prevention: Because professionals grow sod, the new turf contains no weeds. The density of sod also discourages weed seed germination.
  • Healthy Base: Experts on grass care grow sod, who provide the best soil, generous watering, and excellent fertilization. Sod is a strong base for a healthy lawn.
  • Soil Protection: Sod arrives as a thick mat of grass and protects the soil underneath. Because of the maturity of sod, it controls dust, mud, and erosion. It also prevents the topsoil from rain runoff in sloped or hilled areas.

Choosing sod for your lawn not only provides an immediate solution, but also protects your soil and keep your grass healthy. Consider sod when you’re growing your lawn.

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