Reasons You Should Hydroseed

Ever feel like your lawn won’t grow no matter what you do? Don’t want to invest in sod, but still want a lush lawn? Hydroseeding achieves this in an easy and efficient way.

Hydroseeding helps your lawn, whether your issue is bare spots or you are starting from scratch. More effective than regular grass seed, hydroseeding effectively ensures that your grass grows thoroughly and you end up with a full and plush yard.

The process of hydroseeding involves spraying grass seed mixed with water onto a specific area. The mix often contains fertilizer, mulch and other additives to help the seed take root. Once sprayed, the grass seed is protected by a green layer of hydromulch, which helps seal in moisture and prevents rain from washing away the seeds. The mulch also protects seeds from sunlight, wind, and soil erosion.

Often hydroseeding is used to reduce the growth of weeds, beautify yards and prevent dust pollution and erosion. With hydroseeding, you have a grassy lawn in no time –– germination rates are quick and the process produces high quality grass.

Spring is the best season to try hydroseeding. The weather is still cool and there’s enough moisture in the ground for the seeds to germinate. If done in the spring, the grass grows strong enough to last through the heat of summer and the cold of fall and winter.

With hydroseeding your lawn should begin to show growth within five to seven days, depending on the weather. Typically in three to four weeks your lawn should be luscious and full of color.

Create a beautiful yard with plush, colorful green grass from hydroseeding. For more information on reasons to hydroseed from the experts at D&M Services, please contact us here or call us directly at 810.653.7669.